Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Art Mind

Does art have the power to heal? Do sacred monuments, paintings and sculptures evoke more than just beauty? Visionary artist Alex Grey believes so. In Art Mind, Grey's film documenting his art and process, he takes us on a tour of sacred art around the world, demonstrating how these works can be used today to revitalize our sense of well-being and help us discover our divine potential. I mention this film here not so much on its merits as film (Grey's commentary is droning and inarticulate - which may be a result of ready admission to steady consumption of psychedelics), but on its exhilarating visual presentation. Grey's art, which essentially portrays the anatomical detail of the central nervous system and its supposed interconnectedness to higher purpose (such as the electrical charge of an embrace), is nothing short of mesmerizing. The art gallery track on the DVD is a great introduction to his work, and spares the viewer the "um, ahs" and "you knows".


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