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I'm in love with a little rat named Remy. But he's no ordinary rat - he has dreams, ambitions and tenacity that far exceeds the complacency of his family and friends. Not content to live a life of "stealing garbage," Remy is determined to become the greatest chef in France. It should come as no surprise that a number of obstacles might stand in his way, but it's the finesse with which he negotiates through this maze that makes him a role model for not only rats, but for humans as well.

I was particularly moved by a line of dialogue he shares with his father outside of a Paris exterminator's shop:
Django: Take a good, long look, Remy. This what happens when a rat gets a little too comfortable around humans. The world we live in belongs to the enemy. We must live carefully. We look out for our own kind, Remy. When all is said and done, we're all we've got. [starts to walk away]
Remy: No.
Django: [stops] What?
Remy: No. Dad, I don't believe it. You're telling me that the future is, can only be, more of this?
Django: This is the way things are. You can't change nature.
Remy: Change is nature, Dad. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide. [he walks away]
Django: Where are you going?
Remy: With luck, Forward.

In the midst of an already brilliant film, this gem touched off a glorious array of emotions and meditations that caused me to pause the film and reflect. Was this pivotal moment really spoken in a Disney film? Will the masses of children and parents seeing this immensely popular movie see the inherent Buddhist message contained here? With the charm of Remy coupled with the whip smart choreography and timeless storyline, I have no doubt that this film will find favor (and repeated viewings) for many years to come.

4 out of 5 stars (especially since there was no sung dialogue!)


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Movies Reviews said...

I really don't understand the hype for this movie. I know del Toro makes some odd movies, but I did like Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage, so I went into this one without reading any reviews or knowing much about it but expecting something decent as a way to spend 2 hours of my life.
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Wrong! -The dialogue in this movie is just choppy and facetious. The most cringeworthy conversation to me was between Hoyt and the ugly bad dude. Fragmented threats like "I will take you out of this universe" just don't do it for me. Absolutely illogical and nonsensical script. It seems like they said every line in the movie thinking that it was deep and had an impact and was super important... but nothing was really needed for this movie.

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It could've been filmed without speaking at all and the stupid story still would have come across. -I just didn't feel the relationship/love between the annoyingly mousy lead lady and the fish dude. She got on my damn nerves, really. So she brought the semi-sentient creature some boiled eggs that she made while she fapped in her bathtub (awkward and unnecessary). watch Avengers Infinity War 2018 online free

And meanwhile the entire f*cking building is on camera, but they never see her repeatedly sneaking in his sealed off room to feed him and even play music and dance for him?!?! serious cringe-fest right there. -the black lady Zelda ran her mouth all the time but yet everyone stepped all over her, including the lead (Sally I think? I'm trying hard to forget this stupid movie).

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Movies Reviews said...

Octavia Spencer does a fantastic job of playing herself (Was this woman born middle aged?) but let's face it we love her anyway. I would love her to be my best friend, she's a hoot. happy death day film Michael Shannon (whom I remember from Take Shelter and Boardwalk Empire) plays a creepy bad guy in a way that makes me never want to have him around for Christmas lunch. Why does he always play someone sexually awkward? I pray we'll never find out.

I was most disappointed that unlike Pan's Labyrinth and some of the other films GDT has made it's not set in a fantastical different world. It's basically the 1950s cold war era in USA with no real pretense of being anything but. I was hoping for a magical realism, but other than the creature, there's no otherworldliness to it. devil's candy movie

I am a solid romantic, but I found the plot so saccharine that it made me feel nauseous. There is also a sudden musical number that almost had me running for the aisle, and my sister desperate to see my husband's face (He's allergic to musicals generally). Apart from this light relief, I couldn't wait to get out of there. watch Avengers Infinity War online free

I am pretty alone in this opinion, our party was split between 3 people who loved it, and my husband and I who hated it. Maybe if I hadn't seen other GDT films I would have liked it more. My husband also thought the trailer completely misrepresented what he expected from the film. So maybe we were in the wrong movie. But I think romance lovers won't like the art house element, and art house/GDT fans won't like this film. So I think commercially it will be hard to place.


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